The following are samples of my work. Unless otherwise noted all images were taken by me.

Fairview-Tax-Abatement-AreaStalled tax abatement program in Fairview may see revitalization (University of Alaska Anchorage course instructed by Julia O’Malley)

December 4, 2015

A tax abatement program for a swath of Fairview and downtown may soon be revitalized over a year since its passage by the Anchorage Assembly with a new mayoral administration apparently keen to see the program go active.

“The new [Ethan Berkowitz] administration seems more interested so I’m hopeful we’ll see some progress shortly,” said Patrick Flynn, Anchorage Assembly member.

SDIM1994Homeless find forest sanctuary in one of America’s wealthiest neighborhoods (Bellevue Dispatch)

July 29, 2014

“When our park rangers were in the Viewpoint Park today [July 28], they did not find any camps; however, two camps were noticed and cleaned up within the past month,” said Tresa Berg, Bellevue Public Involvement Manager, on the homeless encampments that have sporadically arisen in the woods of Viewpoint Park since at least 2006. “The park is currently being patrolled regularly.”

Box-shaped, pedal-powered deliveries putting Broadway bikeway to work (Capitol Hill Seattle Blog)

April 7, 2014

A new bicycle-powered cargo service started whizzing around the Hill, Tuesday, April 1, as Dan Kohler launched his new business, Freewheel, with a focus on sustainable delivery, and the budding entrepreneur already has some local businesses on board. After his first day of work last week, Kohler spoke with CHS about Freewheel’s plans for eco-delivery conquest, and why he chose Capitol Hill for his business headquarters.

Downtown ‘Pike-Pine renaissance,’ 23rd Ave reinvention — time to cap I-5 and repair E Madison’s grid? (Capitol Hill Seattle Blog)

February 25, 2014

Last week’s community meeting to discuss the 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvement Project featured some continued frustration from residents living near the roadway destined for a $46 million overhaul — and more patience and a few answers from City of Seattle representatives on hand to talk with the neighbors at the Miller Park Community Center meeting.

Puzzle Break masters turning Pike/Pine suite into real-world puzzle (Capitol Hill Seattle Blog)

November 21, 2013

Long ago, an immersive computer game called Myst pushed gamers to solve riddles in their surroundings to escape rooms and unlock doors. Similar puzzles and the equally immersive environment of an old building in Pike/Pine are part of the new Puzzle Break kicking off Friday, November 22 on 10th Ave between Pike and Union, in Studio D.

Here is how the adventure begins.

What is Seattle’s Safe Streets Task Force? A Q&A with FBI Seattle (Fifth Avenue Seattle Blog)

September 5, 2013

…Yesterday the task force was involved in a large operation that nabbed eight people allegedly associated with cocaine, heroin, and meth trafficking. But the question remains: just what is the Seattle Safe Streets Task Force?

A son, a friend, a bank robber (Fifth Avenue Seattle Blog)

July 3, 2013

This is the story of how drug addiction turned a son, and a friend, into a bank robber. It was written after reviewing Seattle Police Department crime reports, a handwritten letter by the robber, as well as interviews with the alleged robber’s mother, his friend, the FBI, and the King County Prosecutor’s office. This is the first media report of his apprehension.

10749080683_efa202eee3_oMay Day 2013 | Downtown Seattle open thread (Fifth Avenue Seattle Blog)

May 1, 2013

…Trouble started after confrontations between police and activists in an intersection by Westlake Plaza around 8pm. Protesters were pushed back to 6th and Olive by the Mariners store were police began utilizing OC spray, and ‘blast balls’ which according to the SPD Twitter feed is a “device which gives off a loud bang, a flash & a modest dose of pepper.” We counted at least 15 used.

(Image: Triad Capital Partners)
(Image: Triad Capital Partners)

Empty Civic Square property will need up to $400 million to get off the ground (Fifth Avenue Seattle Blog)

March 18, 2013

March 18, 1875, Seattle settlers, C.D. Boren, A.A. Denny, and H.L. Yesler gifted a Pioneer Square plat-quadrant of land to the then small ‘Town of Seattle’. The gift was to create Seattle’s first school, Puget Sound University, however after apparent issues raising the funds to complete the school, and the funding of its competitor the University of Washington, the land was given back to Boren.

After 138 years of trading hands, one piece of the plot at 601 Fourth Avenue is now locked and vacant.


Witnesses Of Central District Bar Shooting Recount Horrific Event (New City Collegian)

January 28, 2013

Last evening shots rang out at the Central District’s Twilight Exit bar, the shooting led to the death of the gunman by Seattle Police. The gunman shot a bouncer, last reported to be in the ICU with a gun-wound to the leg, and a woman who is allegedly the gunman’s ex, suffered multiple gun shot wounds . We have spoken with witnesses who were in the bar at the time of the shooting, and two New City Collegian staffers who were on scene expressed their views on the deadly shooting.

Capitol Hill Anhalt purchased for $2.7 million with plans for apartment overhaul (Capitol Hill Seattle Blog)

August 20, 2012

On the corner of East John and 16th, savvy investors have picked up a piece of Capitol Hill history — a Frederick Anhalt building. The unusual home for Group Health administrative offices since the late ’60s was recently acquired by Anhalt Apartment LLC, an investment wing of Trinity Real Estate started this year by real estate mogul Richard Leider.

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