Sponsor: A new Steinway for Anchorage, kick off gala at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts raises money

Patrons at the event were able to select piano keys to have their name or business engraved on
Donor Juna Penney selects a piano key with the assistance of the PAC’s Melissa Weckhorst

A group of patrons came together May 25 at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts (PAC) to raise money for a new nine foot Steinway piano at a tag of $160,000 — with $40,000 more needed for storage and maintenance — as part of the 88 Keys Campaign. The goal was close to being met that evening through $124,000 in donations.

A printed out keyboard adorned one of the tables where donations translated to having your name or business engraved on a piano key — with sections ordered by donation amounts.

At the event, $35,000 was raised with Conoco Phillips kicking in $5,000 of the total.

The Atwood Foundation contributed $30,000 towards the piano.

Donations made after the goal is met will go towards the care, maintenance and safe storage of the instrument.

Further information on how to donate to the campaign is available online here.

Financial note from the PAC:

No taxpayer dollars are being used to fund this piano. $25,000 of the funds are from the ACPA Capital Reserve fund held by the Municipality of Anchorage. Those funds, raised by ACPA through earned income and donations for this reserve, were released upon approval by the Assembly after a public hearing.

These photos capture some of the people who came out to support the artistic endeavor. Photos and post commissioned by the PAC:


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