Thief hurls rock through Muldoon gas station window, only steals 12-pack of domestic beer

(Image: SGS)
(Image: SGS)

A Muldoon thief took drastic steps to fulfill their beer craving this week by tossing a rock through the window of the Tesoro convenience store at 545 Muldoon Rd., and running off with a 12-pack of Milwaukee’s Best beer with a price tag less than $15, according to clerks.

In the particular section of the store where the window broke were plentiful amounts of expensive liquors – by expensive I mean above $30 — but the robber opted for a 12-pack of Milwaukee’s Best – sitting atop at least a dozen other cases of the beer.

This is the second time the gas station has had their liquor section window broken in the last few months.

In late 2015, I spoke with the clerks at the Tesoro about another broken window when a man apparently forgot to apply his parking brake while leaving the car in drive before sauntering into the store. His car decided to come along with him.


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