Back in the game with a new blog, and the toy of a photog

(Images: Sebastian Garrett-Singh)

It’s been a few months since I last published a blog post — collecting money through a regular job unfortunately usurped my time and passion to write — however, with an upcoming move to Anchorage, Alaska and a desire to reacquaint myself with the craft I thought it prudent to get something on the internet.

Thus the creation of my new blog for the time being called: that will feature entries on semi-interesting to compelling topics I encounter with neat photography, as well as updates on my professional work. Allow me to reintroduce myself — albeit without the newsiest of story.

Today’s photo tale comes from the hardwood of Sammamish High School in Bellevue, Washington where my little brothers’ battled through a holiday tourney for the school’s lower class C-Team. They ultimately came out 5th place over three games (winning the first; losing the rest) but did provide an opportunity to test out my latest camera that replaces my six year old dinosaur with the shutter speed of the time it takes to create a fossil.

Below are a few photo highlights from my Nikon D5200 (replacing my Sigma DP2). I’m still tooling around with how to use it properly, but with the sports setting on (at a high 1600 ISO) it’s ability to snap off shots was breathtaking to me — hearing six or so clicks ring off images in a second or so is amazing.

The Nikon is a welcome change. Here’s the trial run:

(You’ll notice several of the photos are off with lighting; this is something I’m working on as I learn the ins and outs of the camera. Tips always appreciated.)







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